Backed was launched in 2015 by a 29 years old talented investment professional. The fund invests in seed / series A deals.
Initial Commitment (06/30/2019) € 25 M
Capital Invested (06/30/2019) € 21 M
Sienna Capital Remaining Commitment (06/30/2019) € 4 M
2 % Share in Sienna Capital’s portfolio (06/30/2019)
Business area
Venture capital for new technologies and digital
Registered office
Jersey, United Kingdom

Backed is a venture capital fund and has a unique investment proposition, as an investment team of millennials is targeting millennials entrepreneurs who create products and offer services for millennials.

Stake value (06/30/2019) € 31 M
Investment case

As part of a long-term agreement, Sienna Capital has committed EUR 25 million in September 2017. In exchange for its support of Backed, Sienna Capital benefits from certain favourable financial terms.