Who we are

Staying true to our values

Family shareholder based - Multi-generational perspective

- A spirit of entrepreneurship with a multi-generational perspective on business

- Responsible and meaningful growth to nurture great companies

- Agile decision process with the support of a stable controlling shareholder

Strong business heritage - Resilience through the cycles

- Applying decades of accumulated industrial and managerial experience to new challenges and situations

- Ability to embrace new industries and ways of working without compromising on our principles or fundamental values

- A+ / A1 ratings reflecting our robust balance sheet and financial flexibility

An engaged investor - Committed to the long-term

- Aligned with long-term trends driving the economy and society

- Focus on attractive industries and sectors with potential to grow steadily over time

- Willing to remain invested as and where we see value

- Always prioritizing the long-term view when it comes to decisions in support of our portfolio companies

How we create value

Identifying investment opportunities, managing the portfolio and exerting influence

Identifying sector-leading global companies

- Leveraging our unique network and sourcing capabilities to identify quality investment opportunities

- Partnering with sector leaders with the potential to capitalize on secular growth trends and participate actively in sector consolidation

- Exercising a dynamic capital allocation strategy

- Focus on global companies headquartered in Europe and that benefit from our extensive European network

- Always a cornerstone investor with a place at the board

An influencial voice on the board

- Providing valuable industry and sector knowledge and experience

- Constructive partner, demanding yet supportive with management

- Insight backed by strong analytics and independence of judgement

- Focusing on key business decisions in the areas of CEO selection and remuneration, business strategy, and capital allocation

Working for the common good

- Striving to balance the need for returns with the wider needs of society and the planet

- Focus on companies and sectors at the forefront of social, economic and environmental progress

- Leveraging influence to promote the best ESG practices across our portfolio

How we create wealth

Preserving and growing wealth

Seeking to achieve consistently increasing portfolio worth

- Growing net asset value steadily and consistently through the cycle

- Ensuring capital allocation is consistent with that objective

- Underpinned by a disciplined, focused, methodical process

Delivering attractive return to shareholders through capital appreciation and dividend yielde

- Focus on companies that can deliver meaningful and sustained growth

- Investing where returns are good without need for leverage

- Delivering growth in both value through NAV appreciation and income through dividends

Benchmarking performance against conventional and ESG metrics

- Outperforming the Stoxx Europe 50 in Total Shareholder Return over the long term

- Integrating ESG fully into our investment process

- Anticipating new developments in performance and sustainability measurement