Umicore is a leader in materials technology and recycling of precious metals
Share capital (09/30/2019) 18.0 %
Voting rights (09/30/2019) 18.0 %
Stake value (09/30/2019) € 1,535 M
Dividend (12/31/2018) € 30.2 M
Investment year
Business area
Materials technology and precious metals recycling
Registered office
Brussels, Belgium

Umicore is a global group specialised in materials technology and the recycling of precious metals. Its activity is focused on application fields where its expertise in materials science, chemistry and metallurgy is widely recognized. It is centered on three business groups: Catalysis, Energy & Surface Technologies and Recycling.

Portfolio value 09/30/2019
8.0 %
Net dividends 12/31/2018
6.7 %
Investment case

Umicore operates in industries such as automotive and precious metals’ recycling, characterised by high barries to entry and exposed to strong long-term trends:

  • Megatrend of vehicle electrification
  • Global focus on improving air quality
  • Resource scarcity

Umicore is a world leader in these fields, notably with the following advantages:

  • Solid know-how with pioneering technologies
  • High-quality and growing production footprint globally
  • A strategy geared towards sustainability and respect of the environment
  • A solid balance sheet to finance ambitious development projects
  • Board of Directors 2/10*
  • Audit Committee 1/3*