Voodoo develops and publishes mobile games in partnership with over 2,000 studios worldwide. With 300 million monthly active players and mobile games available for free on App Store and Google Play, Voodoo boasts a compelling position as world leader in hypercasual games, the segment with the highest growth rate at the crossroads of adtech and gaming. Voodoo has launched internationally renowned games such as Helix Jump and

1.4 %
Portfolio value 09/30/2022
Investment case

The mobile gaming market is growing strongly,driven by structural trends, including:

  • Increasing time spent on mobile
  • Growing popularity of mobile games, especially through to shorter and easy-to-play games
  • Shift from offline to mobile, in-app advertising
  • Increasing internet and infrastructure access.

Voodoo, a winning ecosystem, enjoys a key competitive edge and attractive growth opportunities thanks to

  • Its position as #1 mobile game publisher by downloads globally and as #2 mobile apps publisher in the US
  • A robust business model relying to a large extent on its extensive network of external studios, allowing for repetitive test & learn on multiple games at low cost
  • Strong data-driven culture, enabling the company to rapidly identify hit games
  • Deep expertise in user acquisition and ad monetization
  • Multiple avenues for organic and external growth.

Voodoo gives GBL the opportunity to join a strong team. The co-founder & CEO has an outstanding track record and skin in the game, and the partners, Tencent and Goldman Sachs, are also of high quality.

  • Board of Directors 1/6*