Dividend per share

Dividend per share

2021 dividend distribution and 2022 dividend proposal

The profit allocation related to the 2021 financial year was approved at the Ordinary General Meeting on April 26, 2022, in the form of a dividend of EUR 2.75 per GBL share (which represents a + 10.0% increase compared to EUR 2.50 in relation to the 2020 financial year), being equal to EUR 1.925 net per share (as a reminder, the withholding tax rate has been uniformly set at 30% for the GBL dividend since January 1, 2016).

Given the strength of the balance sheet and the prospects for cash earnings, GBL foresees to pay in 2023 a FY22 dividend per share that should be at least equal to that of last year, at EUR 2.75. As is customary, the dividend is subject to approval at GBL’s General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Evolution of the gross dividend per share over the last 10 years
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Dividend per share

Gross dividend per share: EUR 2.75 (+ 10.0%)

Total amount:  EUR 420.2 million

Coupon n°24

May 3, 2022

Ex-dividend date

May 4, 2022

Record date of the positions eligible

May 5, 2022

Payment date