Our commitment

As a patrimonial and active investor, GBL believes that responsible management is key to fulfil its role as a professional investor in order to ensure the best interests for its shareholders, translating into long-term value creation and consequently into long-term sustainable growth in earnings and shareholder remuneration from its portfolio assets.

While GBL’s main concern is to carry out profitable and sustainable activities, it also seeks to play a role within the broader society in which it operates. Given the essential link between successful business and strong communities, GBL’s responsible management approach must benefit all stakeholders.


Our responsible management approach

Environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) considerations are fundamental to the way GBL conducts business, not only in its investment activities, but also as a company, and notably an employer and a contributor to the communities in which it operates.

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As a responsible company

The group has a long history of being a responsible employer and consistently demonstrates integrity and high ethical standards. As an investment holding company, without any production or distribution operations and with a limited headcount below 50 people, GBL’s own impact in terms of social and environmental factors is limited. However, responsible management is an intrinsic corporate value at GBL

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As a responsible investor

GBL recognizes its ESG responsibilities, through its investment decisions and its portfolio monitoring, i.e. at the portfolio level. ESG is part of the group’s long-term value creation process as GBL believes that a company will be resilient throughout economic cycles if it equipped to face disruptions (including climate change) as well as able to grasp ESG opportunities. GBL therefore (i) invests in companies that share its principles and commitment with regards to the imperative need to behave responsibly and ethically and serve the whole of the community and (ii) takes an active ownership approach in the companies in which it invests, ensuring through their governance bodies that its investments continue to be managed in a manner consistent with its responsible management philosophy. This is further described in section 3 hereafter, which details GBL’s ESG positioning as a responsible investor and reviews the key commitments of its portfolio companies.

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Key ESG commitments of portfolio companies

As highlighted before, the portfolio companies identify and address their ESG impact and associated risks within the framework of their own internal control. Summarised below are their strategic commitments and objectives in the ESG field.

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