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More generally, Kartesia wishes to facilitate the participation of institutional investors and major individual investors in the European LBO debt market, by offering them exposure to highly rated, resilient and diversified credit through primary, secondary or rescue financing operations carried out with duly selected mid-sized companies.

Sienna Capital & Kartesia

In March 2015, Kartesia closed its fund at EUR 508 million, of which EUR 150 million from Sienna Capital. In exchange for its support since the launch of Kartesia, Sienna Capital benefits from favorable financial conditions. In 2016, Kartesia launched a new fund, KCO IV, and Sienna Capital committed an amount of
EUR 150 million.

Financial year 2016

At 31 December 2016, the fund invested EUR 468 million in primary and secondary transactions. In 2016, Kartesia has distributed to its investors an amount of EUR 24 million.