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    • 75 % - 80 %
    • Long term objective
    • (contribution to GBL's portfolio)

    Investments generally larger than one billion euros, primarily in listed companies, in which GBL can exercise a marked influence over the long terme. They represent the bulk of the portfolio.

    • 10 % - 15 %
    • Long term objective
    • (contribution to GBL's portfolio)

    A limited selection of investments of lower size (EUR 250 million – EUR 1 billion), listed or not, having the potential to eventually become strategic, within which GBL seeks to become a core shareholder and, for mid-sized companies, to possibly hold a majority stake.

    • 10 %
    • Long term objective
    • (contribution to GBL's portfolio)

    Sienna Capital comprises significant investments in private equity, debt or specific thematic funds. GBL intends to reinforce the diversification of its portfolio and achieve its value creation objectives while pursing the development of its alternative investments within Sienna Capital.