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According to the article 207 of the Royal Decree of 30 January 2001 in execution of the Companies Act, as amended on 26 April 2009, this section presents the information relating to the acquisition of treasury shares by GBL.

The Extraordinary General Meeting of 26 April 2016 renewed the authorisation given to the Board of Directors to buyback shares, for a period of five years.

At the latest on the 7 th trading day after the transaction, this information must be disclosed and simultaneously notified to the FSMA.

  • 3.5%
    of issued capital as of 31/12/2017
  • 5,660,482
    own treasury shares as of 31/12/2017

Treasury shares

Date % of issued capital Own shares
31 December 2017 3.5% 5,660,482
31 December 2016 3.7% 5,924,416
31 December 2015 3.8% 6,076,926
31 December 2014 3.8% 6,147,123
31 December 2013 3.8% 6,308,090
31 December 2012 3.8% 6,134,514
31 December 2011 3.8% 6,099,444
31 December 2010 3.8% 6,099,444
31 December 2009 3.8% 6,054,739


List of the last weekly purchases

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Legal details

The Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of 26 April 2016 renewed the authorisation given to the company’s Board of Directors, for a period of five years, to buy a maximum of 32,271,657 GBL shares, in accordance with the legal provisions. The unit price may not be more than 10% lower than the lowest price in the 12 months preceding the transaction, and more than 10% higher than the highest share price out of the last 20 quotes.

This authorisation also covers acquisitions by GBL’s direct and indirect subsidiaries.

The same Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting also renewed the Board of Directors’ authorisation to acquire and dispose of its treasury shares when such an acquisition or disposal is necessary to prevent serious and imminent harm to the company.

Under the company’s Articles of Association, the Board of Directors may also dispose of GBL shares on or off the stock market without the prior intervention of the General Shareholders’ Meeting and with unlimited effect.

Within this context, the company has set up a liquidity agreement to improve the market liquidity of the GBL share. This agreement is executed on a discretionary basis by a third-party on behalf of GBL within the limits of the authorisation granted by the 26 April 2016 General Shareholders’ Meeting and in compliance with the applicable laws.