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Burberry is a global luxury brand with a distinctive British heritage of design and craftsmanship

6.59 %
Share capital 31/03/2018
  • 2018 Sale

    Sale of 6.6% of Burberry’s capital

    8/05/2018 - Sale of GBL's entire stake in Burberry. The proceeds from the disposal amount to approximately GBP 498 million, generating a capital gain of approximately GBP 83 million. This capital gain will not impact GBL’s consolidated net result following the entry into force of IFRS 9.

  • 2017 Acquisition

    Equity investment in Burberry

    Burberry Group Plc (“Burberry”) communicated on 10 November 2017 the crossing by GBL of the 6.0% threshold in the voting rights of the company. Having further increased its stake in Burberry, GBL holds 6.46% of this company’s capital at year-end 2017.

  • 2017 Acquisition

    Investment in Burberry

    On 28 February 2017, Burberry Group Plc (« Burberry ») announced that GBL had crossed the threshold of 3% of voting rights in the company. The investment in Burberry is aligned with GBL’s portfolio diversification strategy. At 31 March 2017, GBL held 3.0% of the capital of this company, representing a market value of EUR 266 million. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Burberry has a market capitalisation of around EUR 9 billion at 31 March 2017. Burberry, a luxury British brand, specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of high-end clothing and accessories. These products are distributed worldwide through its own stores, its website ( and its network of third party retailers. Burberry employs almost 11,000 people and its turnover for the 2015-2016 financial year stood at around GBP 2.5 billion.

  • 2016 Acquisition

    Investment in Burberry

    At 31 December 2016, GBL held 2.95% of the capital of this company, representing a market value of
    EUR 230 million.