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Total is an integrated global oil and gas group with a presence in chemicals

0.61 %
Share capital 30/09/2018
  • 2016 Sale

    Sale of 16.0 million Total shares

    During the fourth quarter of 2016, GBL disposed, at the maturity of the forward sales, of 16.0 million shares (or 0.7% of the capital) for a net amount of EUR 666 million, which generated a consolidated capital gain of EUR 304 million.

  • 2016 Sale

    Sale of a 1.1% interest in Total during the first quarter of 2016

    During the first quarter of 2016, GBL sold an additional fraction of Total shares representing 1.1% of this group’s capital (27.5 million shares for a gross amount of EUR 1.1 billion) and generating a consolidated capital gain of EUR 428 million. These disposals were carried out, on the one hand, through sales in the market (10.4 million shares) and, on the other hand, through a private placement by means of an accelerated bookbuilding reserved for institutional investors (17.1 million shares).

  • 2015 Sale

    Disposal of Total shares

    Disposal of 12.1 million Total shares for EUR 556 million during 2015, generating a consolidated capital gain of EUR 282 million.

  • 2014 Sale

    Sale of a 0.6% interest in Total in 2014

    During 2014, disposal of an additional fraction of 14.0 million Total shares (representing 0.6% of the share capital) for EUR 650 million. The consolidated capital gain from these disposals amounted to EUR 335 million.

  • 2013 Sale

    Sale of a 0.3% interest in Total

    7 November 2013 - Sale, for around EUR 360 million, of 8.2 million Total shares representing a holding of around 0.3% in the company. Realisation of a consolidated capital gain of nearly EUR 175 million.

  • 2006

    Launch of Arkema

    In May, Total has made the spin-off of Arkema. This spin-off is reflected in the distribution to shareholders of Total one Arkema share for every 10 shares held Total. The resulting contribution to GBL's 3.9% Arkema.

  • 2000

    Sale of Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux and TotalFinaElf shares on the stock exchange

    Marginal cut back of these two major holdings in the portfolio, without effect on the nature of our relationship with the companies and with the purpose of bolstering the group's liquidity and improving its room for financial manoeuvres.
    Sale by Electrafina of the equivalent of 1.0% of Total Fina Elf and 1.0% of Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux. The cash return and capital gains produced by these transactions totalled EUR 510 million and EUR 98 million respectively in Electrafina's accounts.

  • 1999

    Successful merger of PetroFina and Total

    Further to the agreements signed in December 1998, Electrafina exchanged its PetroFina shares for an 8.4% stake in the new TotalFina group. Electrafina recorded a capital gain of EUR 1,330 million from this transaction, including a dividend of EUR 61 million declared by PetroFina. Total's exchange offer for the remaining publicly-held PetroFina shares ran from 6 May to 2 July. At the end of the offer period, TotalFina held 98.8% of the PetroFina share capital and Electrafina held a 6.9% share in the new TotalFina group.

  • 1999

    TotalFina launches a takeover bid for Elf Aquitaine to form the world's 4th largest oil company

    On 13 September 1999, TotalFina and Elf Aquitaine agreed to a friendly merger between the two companies. Terms of the deal provide for the exchange of 19 TotalFina shares entitled to dividend as from 1 January 1999 for 13 Elf Aquitaine shares. The offer closed finally on 26 October 1999. The new combined entity ranks as 4th in the world in its sector and enjoys one of the three largest market capitalisations in France. Electrafina remains the largest shareholder, with 3.4% of the share capital as at 31 December 1999. The European Commission approved the merger between the two groups on 8 February 2000.

  • 1998

    Merger of PetroFina and Total

    At the end of November 1998, the Board of Directors of Electrafina voted in favour of a merger of Petrofina and Total. The Board decided to deliver its Petrofina stake to Total in exchange for new Total shares to form Total Fina, which will be the world's 5th largest international oil company. On completion fo this transaction and the subsequent Total public offer of exchange, Electrafina would hold 6.8% of the capital of the new group and should be Total Fina's largest shareholder.