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Kartesia offers liquidity and credit solutions to mid-sized European companies, while providing a higher stable return to its investors.

  • 2017 Acquisition

    Distribution of EUR 100 million by Kartesia's KCO III fund

    At 30 September 2017, Kartesia’s KCO III fund is fully invested and distributed a total amount of EUR 100 million, representing around 21% of the called capital.

  • 2017 Acquisition

    Expected performance of KCO III in line with target returns

    At 30 June 2017, Kartesia Credit Opportunities (KCO III) is now fully invested in primary and secondary transactions and has distributed to its investors a total amount of EUR 84 million, representing c.18% of capital called

  • 2017 Acquisition

    First closing of the new investment fund KCO IV from Kartesia

    In 2016, Kartesia launched a new investment fund, KCO IV, in which Sienna Capital is committed for EUR 150 million. The first closing took place on 22 February 2017. At 30 September 2017, the total fund commitment amounts to EUR 770 million and KCO IV is invested at around 34%.

  • 2016 Acquisition

    EUR 468 million invested by Kartesia since inception

    At 31 December 2016, through its fund KCO I renamed KCO III, Kartesia invested EUR 468 million in primary and secondary transactions.

  • 2016 Acquisition

    Launch of a new fund by Kartesia

    Kartesia launched a new investment fund (KCO IV), in which Sienna Capital committed an amount of
    EUR 150 million.

  • 2015 Acquisition

    EUR 386 million invested by Kartesia since inception

    EUR 386 million invested at 31 December 2015 (corresponding to 76% of the total commitments since inception), in primary and secondary transactions.

  • 2014 Acquisition

    Continued development of Kartesia

    In accordance with its investment strategy, Kartesia invested more than EUR 100 million as at 31 December 2014, in more than ten secondary and/or primary transactions. In this context and since the fund inception, Sienna Capital has contributed to Kartesia’s calls for capital, for an amount of EUR 53 million.

  • 2013 Acquisition

    Continued development of the Financial Pillar: Sagard III and Kartesia

    As part of its strategy of implementing the Financial Pillar, GBL has continued to support the French investment fund Sagard by making a EUR 200 million commitment to Sagard III alongside Power Corporation of Canada.
    It has also undertaken to acquire a stake amounting to EUR 150 million in Kartesia Credit Opportunities I, a debt fund on the primary and second market.