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Sagard invests in companies valued at more than EUR 100 million that are leaders in their markets, primarily in French-speaking European countries. Working with company management, it supports them in their growth.

Sienna Capital & Sagard

GBL agreed to invest in the first Sagard fund (Sagard I) for an amount of EUR 50 million. During the financial year 2006, GBL invested an initial amount of EUR 150 million in the fund’s successor, Sagard II, reduced in 2014 to EUR 113 million.

In 2013, Sienna Capital participated in the launch of Sagard 3. Total commitment of Sienna Capital in Sagard 3 amount to EUR 218 million.

Sienna Capital receives certain preferential financial terms in relation to its support of Sagard 3.

Financial year 2017

During the year, Sagard 3 invested in Ipackchem, one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of “barrier” packaging, and completed add-ons on existing investments.