Mowi is one of the world’s leading seafood companies, and the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon. With approximately 14,000 people and a presence in 25 countries, Mowi fulfills one fifth of global demand for farm-raised Atlantic salmon and is constantly driven by innovation and the desire to achieve the highest standards of sustainability.

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Portfolio value 09/30/2022
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Net dividend 12/31/2021
Investment case

The salmon farming industry is well-positioned to benefit from:

  • Increasing needs for proteins driven by (i) world population expected to grow and (ii) rising middle class as a result of income growth in emerging countries
  • Resource-efficient production, positioning farmed salmon as a environmentally-friendly protein source in comparison to other animal proteins
  • Salmon being a protein source given increasing health awareness in developed markets
  • Global need for traceability
  • Shift towards aquaculture as the supply from wild catch is stagnating in several regions and for many important species.

As the world’s largest producer of salmon, Mowi is uniquely positioned to benefit from the industry’s growth prospects and is characterized by:

  • Unique know how and expertise, with demonstrated innovation capabilities
  • Comparatively better resilience and predictability due to its unmatched scale and diversification
  • Best-in-class ESG profile
  • Advisory Board Member 1/10*