Holcim is a world leader in construction materials and solutions. The company offers the most innovative solutions for cement, concrete, aggregates and other building materials to meet its customers’ needs. The group employs approximately 60,000 persons in around 60 countries and has a balanced presence in developing and mature markets.

2.9 %
Portfolio value 12/31/2022
7.1 %
Net dividend 12/31/2022
Investment case

The building materials industry is supported by:

  • Increasing urbanization
  • Demand for sustainable construction
  • Rising living standards driving quality housing and infrastructure needs.

Holcim is well positioned to address those megatrends:

  • The company is a leader in the building materials and solutions sector
  • It aims to position itself in the most attractive segments of the construction value chain, diversifying its product portfolio through M&A (e.g. roofing business)
  • It has been strengthening its balance sheet through a series of divestments of emerging market cement assets (e.g. Brazil, India)
  • It prioritizes sustainability, focusing on circular construction and offering a strong portfolio of green building solutions.

However, the group is facing the following challenges:

  • Industry dynamics have been challenging in selected regions and may continue to be
  • Increasing ESG requirements will require significant investments.