SGS is the world leader in inspection, verification, testing and certification
Share capital (09/30/2020) 18.93 %
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Increase in the stake in SGS


At 31 December 2016, GBL held 16.2% of this company (15.0% at end of December 2015), for a market value of EUR 2.4 billion.


Acquisition of a 15% stake in SGS


3 June 2013 – Agreement with EXOR for the acquisition of its 15% stake in SGS, the global leader in inspection, control, analysis and certification, listed on the Zurich stock exchange. The price of CHF 2,128 per share represents a EUR 2.0 billion investment for GBL.

10 July 2013 - Approval by SGS’s Extraordinary General Meeting of the appointment of three GBL representatives to the company’s Board of Directors (Paul Desmarais jr, Ian Gallienne and Gérard Lamarche).