All portfolio Invesments history


Sale of 6.6% of Burberry’s capital


8/05/2018 - Sale of GBL's entire stake in Burberry. The proceeds from the disposal amount to approximately GBP 498 million, generating a capital gain of approximately GBP 83 million. This capital gain will not impact GBL’s consolidated net result following the entry into force of IFRS 9.

Commitment of Sienna Capital to invest in Flora Food Group


On 8 March 2018, GBL, through its subsidiary Sienna Capital, committed to invest EUR 250 million alongside funds affiliated with the investment firm KKR in Flora Food Group (“FFG”), Unilever’s Spreads Business. Completion of the transaction is expected mid-2018, subject to certain regulatory approvals and employee consultations in certain jurisdictions.

Increase in the stake in GEA


On 3 April 2018, GEA Group (“GEA”) declared that, on 23 March 2018, GBL had crossed the 5.0% threshold in the company’s voting rights. At 31 March 2018, GBL held 5.25% of the capital (4.25% at 31 December 2017), with a market value of EUR 349 million.

Participation of GBL in the capital increase of Umicore


On 8 February 2018, Umicore announced a EUR 892 million capital increase aiming at financing its growth investments. The proceeds of the placement will also provide the group with more financial flexibility in support of external growth operations and potential partnerships enabling to strengthen its offering in clean mobility materials and recycling. GBL confirmed its full support to the group by participating in this capital raising for EUR 144 million.


Equity investment in Burberry


Burberry Group Plc (“Burberry”) communicated on 10 November 2017 the crossing by GBL of the 6.0% threshold in the voting rights of the company. Having further increased its stake in Burberry, GBL holds 6.46% of this company’s capital at year-end 2017.

Sienna Capital : new commitment in Backed 1 LP


On 29 September 2017, Sienna Capital committed EUR 25 million in Backed 1 LP (« Backed »), a venture capital fund based in London, specialized in the sector of new digital technologies.

Distribution of EUR 100 million by Kartesia's KCO III fund


At 30 September 2017, Kartesia’s KCO III fund is fully invested and distributed a total amount of EUR 100 million, representing around 21% of the called capital.