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Management of registered GBL securities

GBL shares are either registered or dematerialised. Shareholders who choose to register their GBL shares in the share register receive notices to attend General Shareholders’ Meetings and the related documents by post.

Each GBL registered share entitles its holder to one voting right. Dividends allocated to registered shares are paid to the bank account notified by the shareholder to GBL.

The management of registered shares by GBL is provided free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

This document provides a succinct and general answer, purely for information purposes, to the questions most frequently asked by GBL shareholders. It does not constitute legal advice and is not binding for the company. Shareholders are advised to contact their adviser for information relating to their individual situation.

  1. How can I convert my dematerialised GBL shares into registered shares?

    Contact your financial intermediary with a request to convert dematerialised shares into registered shares. Provide to GBL your contact details and the account in favour of which dividends must be paid. Following registration, a certificate confirming registration in the share register will be sent by GBL to the shareholder. When a coupon payment date is nearing, be alert as to the ex-coupon date.

  2. How can I convert my registered GBL shares into dematerialised shares?

    Send a signed letter to GBL’s Legal Department indicating the number of the securities account to which the shares must be transferred. When a coupon payment date is nearing, be alert as to the ex-coupon date.

  3. How do I report a change of postal or email address, phone number or account number?

    Inform GBL’s Legal Department by email ( or post (avenue Marnix 24, 1000 Brussels).

  4. How can I know the balance of my position in registered GBL shares?

    Contact GBL’s Legal Department by telephone (+32 2 289 17 52), by post (avenue Marnix 24, 1000 Brussels) or by email (

  5. How can I sell my registered GBL shares on the stock exchange?

    The sale on the stock exchange of registered GBL shares first requires the conversion of the registered shares into dematerialised shares. Please refer to question 2.