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  Cash earnings 2016 (EUR M) Cash earnings 2017 (EUR M) Dividend 2016 (EUR/Share) Dividend 2017 (EUR/Share)
Average  413 413 2.91 2.98
Median 415 427 2.92 2.99
Lowest 372 360 2.85 2.91
Highest 441 443 2.95 3.03
# Estimates 7 6 7 6

Last update: 18/05/2016 Consensus made of the estimates of AlphaValue, BAML, Degroof Petercam, HSBC, ING, KBC, Société Générale



This analyst consensus has been prepared with the most recent estimates submitted by various financial analysts to Groupe Bruxelles Lambert ("GBL”). It includes key indicators only and does not purport to be comprehensive. The estimates and any related opinions, forecasts, projections, predictions or expectations, are the sole responsibility of the analysts concerned. GBL does not express any opinion on nor endorses the estimates or their correctness and accuracy in any way and undertakes no obligation to provide updates or revisions. It should be noted that estimates are, by definition, forward looking and are therefore subject to risks and uncertainties which are subject to change at any time and which may affect final results. This analyst consensus is provided for information purposes only. It should not be seen as a recommendation to buy or sell financial instruments in GBL, or to take or refrain from taking any other action. None of the GBL, its affiliates, employees or representatives of such persons shall have any liability whatsoever for any loss arising from any use of this consensus or its content.

Analysts coverage

Bank Analyst Contact
AlphaValue Pierre-Yves Gauthier preferredresearch(@)
BoAML Philip Middleton philip.middleton(@)
Citi Paul Bradley paul.l.bradley(@)
Degroof Petercam Thijs Hoste t.hoste(@)
HSBC Pierre Bosset pierre.bosset(@)
ING Giel-Jan Triest giel-jan.triest(@)
KBC Matthias De Wit matthias.dewit(@)
Kepler Cheuvreux David Cerdan dcerdan(@)
Société Générale Patrick Jousseaume patrick.jousseaume(@)