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Overview of GBL

GBL is the second largest listed holding company in Europe with adjusted net assets of EUR 18.5 billion and a market capitalisation of EUR 13.7 billion as of 31 March 2017. As a holding company focused on long-term value creation, GBL relies on a stable, family shareholder base. Its portfolio is composed of global industrial and services companies, leaders in their market and in which GBL plays its role of professional shareholder.

Gross dividend growth over 10 years (in EUR per share)

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Adjusted net assets over 10 years (in EUR million)

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Key information

  1. Founded in 1902 and listed since 1956
  2. Second largest holding company in Europe
  3. Controlled by the Frère (Belgium) and Power Corporation of Canada (Canada) groups
  4. Objective of a “resilient track record with above market average performance”
  5. Executive Management: Ian Gallienne and Gérard Lamarche
  1. Focused on global industrial and services leaders
  2. Progressive diversification of the portfolio in terms of sectors, geographies, as well as type and number of assets
  3. Policy of limited net debt over time
  4. Significant financial liquidity
  5. Competitive cost structure