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With 50 years of experience in the sector, Parques Reunidos now operates a well-diversified portfolio of 61 fields of leisure activities (amusement parks, animal parks, water parks, family entertainment centers and other attractions), spread out over 3 continents and 14 countries across Europe, the Americas (USA and Argentina), the Middle East (Dubai) and Asia (Vietnam).

Listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange, Parques Reunidos generated a turnover of EUR 584 million with 20 million of visitors for the year 2016.

On 12 April 2017, GBL announced the acquisition of a 15.0% stake in the capital of Parques Reunidos Servicios Centrales, S.A., representing an investment of EUR 208 million.

Half-year results 2017

  • Revenues grew by 4.0% on a like-for-like basis and by 4.3% to EUR 254 million on a reported basis.
  • Reported EBITDA increased by 33% to EUR 7 million reflecting the strong performance in Spain.
  • Net income achieved a 45% improvement at EUR - 59 million following the substantial reduction of interest expenses due to capital structuring post IPO.
  • Compared with 30 September 2016, net debt decreased slightly to EUR 536 million due to positive foreign exchange impacts.

Outlook for 2017

Parques Reunidos closes its financial year at 30 September. At the publication of the 2016 annual revenue, the group’s management had communicated its objective of a high single digit growth of its EBITDA.


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